Friday Fun: Sanity Fail

January 15, 2010

To say I’ve neglected this blog over the last few months is a bit of an understatement. However, life is starting to settle back down into a routine, which will hopefully lead to me continuing the failed experiment that is Homers On The Range.

We’ll kick this party off with the time honored tradition of Friday Fun. This week’s selection dazzles the mind and amazes the eye. That or it makes you wonder how the eff someone like this can get on an airplane.


Trey Garrison For DMN!

December 4, 2009

So being the unemployed bum that I am, I recently stumbled across this job opening in my daily searches of the interwebs for potential work.  As much I as I would like to think that I had the chops for such a position, it’s quite obvious that I don’t and that such gigs should be reserved for the heavy hitters. The particular heavy hitter I have in mind is my blogger friend Trey Garrison. If you haven’t already made the journey over to his blog to check out his stance on the issues, then I highly suggest you do so.

In a media world drowning in Republican/Democrat, Liberal/Conservative, Right/Left bullshit, Garrison’s voice is one of unique clarity. He represents those of us who don’t fall into the convenient, pre-determined social labels. His words reflect an undying commitment to freedom, not just as a buzzword to be thrown around for political gain, but as a mantra to be cherished and respected. He combines humor and a sharp tongue to accentuate the absurdity of the spectacle that passes for political discourse these days.

Garrison is an accomplished journalist who already works as a freelance contributor for The Dallas Morning News. Before that, he was a contributing editor at D Magazine and also worked on several other D Custom publications.

So, I officially announce the Trey Garrison for DMN campaign. If you agree, spread the word. On your blog. On Facebook. On Twitter. Everywhere.  Let the DMN know who think should be their next choice for their editorial page. Tell them you’re sick of the chosing between the ultra-conservative bible thumpers and the khaki-clad marxists. It’s time for a something different. It’s time for the rest of us to be heard.

Friday Fun: Getting Rid Of Evidence

December 4, 2009

This robbery suspect knows how to capitalize on a situation. That ransom note is going to be a lot harder to read the next time the cops see it.

Only in Philadelphia

November 20, 2009

Piece of evidence #983, 547 that Philadelphia sports fans are fucking morons. Seriously, who tries to fight a professional hockey player?

Friday Fun: The Wedding Crasher

November 20, 2009

What good would weddings be without drunk, stupid bitches?

Sarah Palin’s Effect On The Limp-wristed Media

November 18, 2009

My blogger friend and fellow agitator Trey Garrison hits the nail on the head again. This time his targets are the “opinion geldings in New York and Washington” who have waged a media jihad against Sarah Palin and her family. While I doubt I would support a 2012 presidential run by Palin, I definitely consider myself a fan of hers. She’s gorgeous, smart, family-oriented and she makes pussified liberal whiners squirm in their Armani suits. The thought of Keith Olbermann shaking his fists and stammering incoherently from his wheelchair every time Palin appears on t.v. makes me happy on the inside.

Friday Fun: Risky Business Fail

November 13, 2009

This skit had so much potential, too.