Watch Von Erich Hall of Fame Induction

April 13, 2009

If you were like me, last week you set your DVR to record the WWE Hall of Fame induction in the hopes of seeing Kevin Von Erich’s acceptance speech. And also like me you were probably disappointed when the USA network only ran the inductions of Rick Steamboat and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

But fret not my wrestling lovin’ friends! My journeys through the interwebs turned up the Von Erich induction and I post it here for your enjoyment.

Kudos to my friends at the WCCW Tribune page on MySpace for posting these first.


The CWF Is The Real Deal

March 1, 2009


On Saturday night, I finally took up my friend Chris’ offer to attend one of his wrestling shows out in Rockwall. Chris, who has been mentioned on Homers several times, is involved with the Christian Wrestling Federation, a one-of-a-kind of ministry that combines an evangelical message with hard-hitting, balls-to-the-wall wrestling performances.

While the CWF puts on shows all over Texas, their “headquarters” are in a nondescript warehouse on the outskirts of Rockwall. A more perfect wrestling venue you will not find. Roughly 250 people of all ages squeezed into seating that was practically on top of the ring. Those of you old enough to remember the Sportatorium know that the key to a great wrestling venue isn’t bells and whistles. It’s about creating an intimate environment where the fans feel like they’re part of the show, not just watching the show. It’s about recognizing that wrestling is at its best when it’s taking place in high school gymnasiums, church auditoriums, storage garages and, in this case, a warehouse. The Sportatorium was nothing more than a tin shed, but it was electric inside. The CWF warehouse captures that same spirit.

You might think a promotion that wrestles in the name of the Lord might be toned down and light on the showmanship. Well, you’d be very wrong. These wrestlers were intense. The show had great drama and an awesome plot line (for lack of a better word). Just as much action took place outside the ring as it did in it. The faces were heroic and the heels were despicable. It quickly became apparent that the wrestlers were great athletes who’ve spent some time perfecting their craft. Sitting ringside, I assumed that being so close I’d be able to see a lot of the nuances of wrestling that keep the grapplers from getting hurt. I couldn’t see anything. It felt like I was watching a street fight at some points. Look, I know this stuff isn’t technically “real”, but at one point Chris kicked his opponent in the head and I swear to God it sounded like the dude’s skull cracked. I also witnessed a wrestler climb to the top turnbuckle (a good 10 feet above the ground) and dive onto two other wrestlers outside of the ring. This was the same wrestler who moments earlier had waved several older ladies out of their seats so he could throw his opponent face first into their rows of chairs. I kept waiting for the tables, razor blades, ladders and light bulbs to make an appearance. True greatness.

And all this entertainment was provided for the very reasonable cost of $0.00. Free pizza for everyone in attendance is included in that fee. Needless to say, I was blown away by the presentation. I’m thinking I’m probably gonna become a regular out there. They put on shows in Rockwall pretty much every month and I encourage anyone who’s a wrestling fan in this area to check it out. It’s a fantastic show for a fantastic cause provided at a fantastic price.

The only thing I ask is that I have two reserved ringside seats at every show from here on out. What say you, Chris? Can we make that happen?

Follow the jump for more photos of the show. Actually, all the photos are of Chris’ match. Chris, in green, is a heel named Angel who basically beat the shit out of his opponent, Jesus Freak.

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With Friends Like These…

February 24, 2009

Sometimes you think you know people. Take for instance my friends Chris, Jerrod and Josh. I’ve known each for several years now. I’ve gotten to know each one fairly well. I thought I knew their backgrounds, their likes/dislikes and other personality quirks.

Then I learn randomly one day that these three assholes ran their own fully-functioning wrestling promotion while in college. Here I am, a big time wrestling fan, with no clue that the guys I call my friends are sitting on this golden nugget of information. I discover it when I stumble upon their web site, which is filled with old stories, sweet videos, rosters of former wrestlers and other items of total greatness.

And here I am totally clueless to any of this. I have so many questions. How did you come up with the idea for this? How did you spread the word about it? How big was your fan base? How did you get so many dudes coordinated for the events?

I was in a fraternity in college and we couldn’t pry more than five members at a time away from their succubus girlfriends to do anything more than organize a pick up basketball game. And here you fellows are putting on wrestling shows!

For me, finding out about this was like having a long-time friend randomly one day throw out that he once got invited to Cowboys training camp, played minor league ball for the Yankees or had a gang-bang with a supermodel, her twin sister and her mom.

So, thanks guys, for leaving me in the dark. I don’t know if I can ever forgive you.


Chris – I still want to attend your show in March. Ringside would be preferable.

Von Erichs To Be Inducted in WWE Hall of Fame

February 13, 2009


The first family of wrestling is finally getting its due. According to Von, the entire Von Erich family will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame prior to this year’s WrestleMania in Houston. The site states:

We are honored to announce that the Von Erich Family will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 4th. The induction will be held in Houston, TX. For those of you that have been asking about Kevin’s sons, we are planning on including Ross and Marshall in the ceremony.

Pro Wrestling Insider reports that Kevin Von Erich and his sons will accept the honor for his family, and there’s a good chance Michael Hayes from the Fabulous Freebirds will handle the Von Erichs’ induction. For anyone unfamiliar with the WCCW, the Freebirds were the Von Erich’s arch enemies. I can’t think of a better person to give the induction speech. Also, there’s no word on whether or not Kerry’s daughter, Lacey, will participate in the induction. Lacey is an aspiring wrestler and model who is rumored to be appearing in an upcoming issue of Playboy.

Further information about the Von Erich’s induction is pretty limited. In addition to the Von Erichs, the 2009 class includes Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bill Watts, Ricky Steamboat, Terry Funk and Dory Funk Jr. However, the WWE is heavily promoting the Steve Austin angle and not much else.

The story of the Von Erichs is one of epic highs and tragic lows. The family and their World Class Championship Wrestling promotion ruled Dallas (and several other territories across the South and Midwest) in the 80s. Fritz, David, Michael, Kerry and Chris Von Erich all played significant roles in the WCCW and all died under very gut-wrenching circumstances. These boys were more popular in Dallas in the mid-80s than the Cowboys.

So, I’m gonna need Chris Allman to give me a call so we can schedule our roadtrip down to Houston on April 4. Let’s make this happen, buddy!

Friday Fun: Von Erich Edition

February 13, 2009

Man, these bring back some memories…

Lessons Learned From The WCCW

November 6, 2008

Every once and a while, I feel the need to go overboard and really tackle a subject. This is one of those times. Follow the jump for the greatness that was World Class Championship Wrestling.

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