Trey Garrison For DMN!

December 4, 2009

So being the unemployed bum that I am, I recently stumbled across this job opening in my daily searches of the interwebs for potential work.  As much I as I would like to think that I had the chops for such a position, it’s quite obvious that I don’t and that such gigs should be reserved for the heavy hitters. The particular heavy hitter I have in mind is my blogger friend Trey Garrison. If you haven’t already made the journey over to his blog to check out his stance on the issues, then I highly suggest you do so.

In a media world drowning in Republican/Democrat, Liberal/Conservative, Right/Left bullshit, Garrison’s voice is one of unique clarity. He represents those of us who don’t fall into the convenient, pre-determined social labels. His words reflect an undying commitment to freedom, not just as a buzzword to be thrown around for political gain, but as a mantra to be cherished and respected. He combines humor and a sharp tongue to accentuate the absurdity of the spectacle that passes for political discourse these days.

Garrison is an accomplished journalist who already works as a freelance contributor for The Dallas Morning News. Before that, he was a contributing editor at D Magazine and also worked on several other D Custom publications.

So, I officially announce the Trey Garrison for DMN campaign. If you agree, spread the word. On your blog. On Facebook. On Twitter. Everywhere.  Let the DMN know who think should be their next choice for their editorial page. Tell them you’re sick of the chosing between the ultra-conservative bible thumpers and the khaki-clad marxists. It’s time for a something different. It’s time for the rest of us to be heard.


Sarah Palin’s Effect On The Limp-wristed Media

November 18, 2009

My blogger friend and fellow agitator Trey Garrison hits the nail on the head again. This time his targets are the “opinion geldings in New York and Washington” who have waged a media jihad against Sarah Palin and her family. While I doubt I would support a 2012 presidential run by Palin, I definitely consider myself a fan of hers. She’s gorgeous, smart, family-oriented and she makes pussified liberal whiners squirm in their Armani suits. The thought of Keith Olbermann shaking his fists and stammering incoherently from his wheelchair every time Palin appears on t.v. makes me happy on the inside.

Anita Dunn Loves Mao Tse-Tung

October 15, 2009

This blog has been light on political commentary for last few months. Hell, it’s been light on all content and I apologize for that. However, here’s a bit of a dandy to get your political pants in a bunch.

This video is of Anita Dunn, the current White House Communications Director, espousing her love of Mao Tse-Tung. That’s right. Mao Tse-Tung. The man responsible for the Communist takeover of China and for the deaths of 70 million of his own people. He killed more people than Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini combined.

This administration doesn’t even try to hide its love of Communism anymore. Look what you goddamn hippies have done to this country.

Trey Garrison: No you can’t, Mr. President

September 3, 2009

My blogger friend, professional journalist and staunch Libertarian Trey Garrison has written an excellent piece for The Dallas Morning News explaining exactly why it’s NOT okay for the president to use our nation’s grade schools as a means for communicating his “vision” for America. I believe the crux of his argument is best explained in the following paragraphs.

Look, watching a president’s speech in a middle or high school civics class? No problem. In a few years, I want my kid to be confronted by challenging ideas, informed debate and opposing values. That’s how a kid learns, evolves and strengthens her own ideas and beliefs.

That’s not what this is.

These are grade school kids. You know, the ones who giggle over the word booger and do their financial planning based on the tooth fairy’s visits. Critical thinking and nuance? Not their strong suits yet.

What this is, though, is imprinting on them the idea that one person is their leader.

And if he’s the leader, what does that make them?

Trey correctly explains that this worship of power and of the office of the President didn’t start with Obama, but at some point it’s up to us to say enough is enough.

This Lady Is My Hero

September 3, 2009

This is the kind of person that such “pundits” as Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews refer to as an “extremist.” She’s passionate, intelligent and completely right. So, I guess I can see why they’d be afraid of her.

Sorry Folks, But It’s Liberals Who Kill Presidents, Not Conservatives

August 28, 2009

The constant chirping from Left-wing windbags recently about the threat of potential Right-wing “terrorists” and “assassins” has reached a fevered pitch in this country. In an effort to play their omnipresent victim card, liberals have been up-in-arms about the threat of Obama being assassinated or other terrorist acts being perpetrated by the “extremists” who have shown up in force to denounce the socialist policy reforms of this administration.

However, as it is with most dealings with the fanatical Left, none of their theories are based on history or facts. How about we take a long look back at the history of political assassination and assassination attempts in this country? Every presidential assassin in the history of America has been a leftist – or had no politics at all. Not a single one was a right-winger.

  • Actor/activist John Wilkes Booth shot President Lincoln because he opposed his Republican war policies. Booth left a letter saying he loved “peace more than life” and he denounced Republicans for pushing an unnecessary war on to the South.
  • Charles J. Guiteau shot President James Garfield in 1881. He was a member of a utopian commune called the Oneida Community where free love and communal child-rearing were practiced.
  • Leon Czolgosz killed President William McKinley in 1901. He was a devout socialist and anarchist who was inspired to action after hearing fellow socialist Emma Goldman give a speech.
  • Giuseppe Zangara attempted to assassinate FDR in 1933. He was consumed with rage and jealousy towards the rich and sought to “make even with capitalists” by killing the president. He had also plotted to kill Hebert Hoover because he, too, was a capitalist.
  • Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK in 1963. Oswald was enthralled with communism from the time he was a teenager. He even lived in the Soviet Union for a period of time, attempting to gain citizenship, but he was denied. He returned with this Soviet wife to the US where he tried to preach the glories of communism. He first attempted to shoot Major General Edwin A. Walker as Walker sat in his house, but he missed. He also planned on making an attempt on former vice president Richard Nixon’s life while he was in Dallas, but the timing didn’t work out. After he successfully killed JFK, his first call was to John Abt, lawyer for the American Communist Party, asking Abt to defend him. Abt never got the chance thanks to Jack Ruby.
  • Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy in 1968. Sirhan was a Palestinian extremist who thought Kennedy was too supportive of Israel.
  • Arthur Bremer, who shot and paralyzed presidential candidate George Wallace in 1972, had ties to the Black Panthers.
  • Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme pointed a loaded gun at President Gerald Ford in 1975. She was a member of Charles Manson’s counter-cultural hippie cult.
  • Sara Jane Moore tried to kill President Ford 17 days after the Fromme incident. She claimed that Ford’s administration had “declared war on the left.”

Then we have all of the political violence of the Left in the 1970s and 80s caused by such radical groups as the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers and the Black Liberation Army.

  • Waverly “Chipper” Brown, the only black officer in Nyack, New York at the time, was killed along with two other officers in 1981 when the Weather Underground attempted to rob the Brinks truck Brown and his fellow officers were protecting.
  • Robert Fassnacht, a physics student at the University of Wisconsin, was killed in 1971 by a car bomb set off on campus by a group of anti-war protesters.
  • Liberals in various groups also planted bombs or tried to plant bombs at an Army dance hall at Fort Dix, NYC police headquarters, the Harvard international-studies center, various corporate offices, National Guard headquarters, the Pentagon and the Capitol Building.

In more recent news, peace-loving liberals have written books and made movies glamorizing the assassination of George W. Bush.

So what side of the political spectrum am I supposed to be afraid of again?

h/t to Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and Their Assault on America.

Ted Kennedy: Always Remember That He Killed A Woman

August 26, 2009

In the upcoming days, as you watch the media and those around you gush over the death of Ted Kennedy, I implore you to keep in mind that he killed a woman and just walked away. He wasn’t just “implicated in” or “accused of” her death. He drove her into a body of water and left her to die. There’s nothing more respectable than killing a person and using your daddy’s good name to get you out of trouble.

So, please tell me once again, why should I consider this piece of shit a great man?