Trey Garrison For DMN!

December 4, 2009

So being the unemployed bum that I am, I recently stumbled across this job opening in my daily searches of the interwebs for potential work.  As much I as I would like to think that I had the chops for such a position, it’s quite obvious that I don’t and that such gigs should be reserved for the heavy hitters. The particular heavy hitter I have in mind is my blogger friend Trey Garrison. If you haven’t already made the journey over to his blog to check out his stance on the issues, then I highly suggest you do so.

In a media world drowning in Republican/Democrat, Liberal/Conservative, Right/Left bullshit, Garrison’s voice is one of unique clarity. He represents those of us who don’t fall into the convenient, pre-determined social labels. His words reflect an undying commitment to freedom, not just as a buzzword to be thrown around for political gain, but as a mantra to be cherished and respected. He combines humor and a sharp tongue to accentuate the absurdity of the spectacle that passes for political discourse these days.

Garrison is an accomplished journalist who already works as a freelance contributor for The Dallas Morning News. Before that, he was a contributing editor at D Magazine and also worked on several other D Custom publications.

So, I officially announce the Trey Garrison for DMN campaign. If you agree, spread the word. On your blog. On Facebook. On Twitter. Everywhere.  Let the DMN know who think should be their next choice for their editorial page. Tell them you’re sick of the chosing between the ultra-conservative bible thumpers and the khaki-clad marxists. It’s time for a something different. It’s time for the rest of us to be heard.


Sarah Palin’s Effect On The Limp-wristed Media

November 18, 2009

My blogger friend and fellow agitator Trey Garrison hits the nail on the head again. This time his targets are the “opinion geldings in New York and Washington” who have waged a media jihad against Sarah Palin and her family. While I doubt I would support a 2012 presidential run by Palin, I definitely consider myself a fan of hers. She’s gorgeous, smart, family-oriented and she makes pussified liberal whiners squirm in their Armani suits. The thought of Keith Olbermann shaking his fists and stammering incoherently from his wheelchair every time Palin appears on t.v. makes me happy on the inside.

Anita Dunn Loves Mao Tse-Tung

October 15, 2009

This blog has been light on political commentary for last few months. Hell, it’s been light on all content and I apologize for that. However, here’s a bit of a dandy to get your political pants in a bunch.

This video is of Anita Dunn, the current White House Communications Director, espousing her love of Mao Tse-Tung. That’s right. Mao Tse-Tung. The man responsible for the Communist takeover of China and for the deaths of 70 million of his own people. He killed more people than Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini combined.

This administration doesn’t even try to hide its love of Communism anymore. Look what you goddamn hippies have done to this country.

To The Moon…With Our Money?

October 8, 2009

Why in the world is this happening? And to take it further, can someone give me a legitimate reason why NASA exists in the first place? Are we really gonna live in space or on the moon someday? The only thing the moon would be good for is to house prisoners. Especially since we thought it would be a good idea to shut down Gitmo.

Meanwhile, in other news of wasted money, more banks can’t pay back TARP funds, car dealerships still haven’t received “Cash for Clunkers” money from the government and Barry is still determined to bring Socialism to America.

Crabtree Signs A Contract…..Finally

October 7, 2009

Dallas’ own Michael Crabtree has finally agreed to a deal with the San Francisco 49ers, ending his weeks-long hold out that saw him miss all of training camp and the first four games of the season. Apparently, he has agreed to a six-year deal, but the financials of said deal haven’t been disclosed yet. Shortly after the draft, Crabtree had balked at San Francisco’s offer of five years and $20 million with $16 million of that guaranteed. Though he was selected 10th overall in the draft, Crabtree felt like he deserved a contract comparable to those received by the higher picks. To which I say, fuck you Michael Crabtree. May your career be as gay as the city in which you now play.

Ya’ll Say Howdy To Cletis

October 6, 2009

The Cowboys signed a cornerback named Cletis Gordon today. Now if they could find a Malakai and a Bocephus the Wade Phillips-transformation of this team would be complete.

Worst Sports Column of All-Time

September 10, 2009

Can you imagine Ms. Dugard’s reaction to this?

“Gee thanks, Mr. Whicker. I’ve been meaning to catch up on my sports from the last few years, but the whole being kidnapped, raped and tortured business totally got in the way.”

Eff you, Mark Whicker and the no-talent editorial staff at the OC Register who published this pile of shit.