Dallas (Area) Resident Tames Tiger

August 16, 2009

Going into today’s final round of the PGA Championship, Tiger Woods was an unthinkable 14 for 14 when leading a major tournament after the first three rounds. Well, it’s time to make that 14 for 15 courtesy of Dallas-area resident Y.E. Yang.

Yang, who is a native of South Korea who now makes his in home in Southlake, used some brilliant late round shot making skills to take down the ever-imposing beast that is Tiger Woods. These shots included an amazing chip in for eagle on 14 and a lazer beam of a hybrid 3-iron shot on 18 that cleared trees, a bunker and rolled within almost 10 feet of the cup.

In an odd twist of fates, it was Woods who experienced numerous mental meltdowns on the final few holes as Yang seemed to be gaining confidence. The final result was a historic 3-shot victory for Yang and a reason for the residents of Dallas and, more importantly, South Korea to be extremely proud of a native son.


Great TV…

March 13, 2009

If you don’t get the golf channel or been disinterested in golf, then this is for you. The Haney Project with Charles Barkley. Brilliant.

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RE: Tees & Ace: He’s Back…

February 24, 2009

Jerrod – don’t EVER compare Tiger Woods to the Dallas Cowboys ever again. I like you, and I don’t want to take in your family after I bludgeon you to death with one of Steve’s replica Dallas Cowboys Lombardi trophies. Seriously.

Tees & Ace: He’s Back…

February 23, 2009

Tiger Woods announced last week that he is ready to begin on the road to the Masters with his first tournament coming this week in the Match Play. Let’s review: he’s had a complete knee reconstruction since winning in dramatic fashion at the US Open and had another baby with his supermodel wife. So even though he hasn’t played competetively in quite some time, Tiger has been plenty busy. 

And let’s face it, the PGA Tour needs Tiger back. The golf purist may sit there in front of his TV cheering for Fred Couples or Kenny Perry. The junior golfer may watch to see what Ian Poulter or Sergio Garcia are wearing. And the novice fan may tune in to see how Hefty Lefty Phil Mickelson will blow another 5 stroke lead. But it’s Tiger that draws the crowd. And the ratings. And the sponsors. Love him or hate him, most everyone has an opinion. Tiger, the Dallas Cowboys, and the NY Yankees have a lot in common that way. He is paid the most. He wins the most. It’s like we are watching history on his every swing. When he’s missing from the field, we’re looking for the “next” Tiger. Or mowing the yard.

Jerrod Talks Plantation Golf

January 9, 2009

In case the readers didn’t know, Jerrod is the general manager of an awesome golf course up Frisco way. And, it just so happens that his course is featured in this month’s issue of Avid Golfer magazine. Read Jerrod’s quotes. Marvel at his eloquence. Hate him for having a way cooler job than you.


July 2, 2008

When the question comes up, “hey, who would you pick in your celebrity foursome (of golf Josh…sicko)?”, John Daly and Kid Rock are not two I would have chosen.  I can imagine the gallery of Detroit hood-rat groupies, the Marlboro Man, and Miller Light truck drivers nipping at the heels of this dynamic duo…not to mention Hank Williams Jr. blaring from the suped up golf cart ridin’ on 24’s….wait….think they’d accept my invitation?

Thoughts On Tiger

June 19, 2008

Well, everyone has chimed in by now or had a thought towards Tiger’s latest Major victory and subsequent knee surgery…now it’s my turn. Tiger is simply the best golfer IN HISTORY to date. He still trails Nicklaus in Major victories, but even as it stands, Tiger would beat the Greats of Old head to head. He’s also transcendeding the sport in itself. Just look at the ratings and revenues at tournaments he’s NOT playing. Forbes just released their Most Powerful Entertainers, Celebrities, and Athletes. He’s #2…behind Oprah. Damn. Love him. Hate him. Love to hate him. Tiger is golf.