Quite The Shocker…

November 6, 2009

To all my close friends,

I found your Christmas present already. Enjoy.




Homers Is Now On Twitter

October 4, 2009

I stand by my unending hatred for Twitter. It’s shallow, pointless and narcissitic. Which means it’s only fitting that Homers should have a Twitter page. Follow this here blog at http://twitter.com/homerontherange.

Wylie Quarterback Excels At Yale

September 24, 2009

I’ve been meaning to post this piece about former Wylie quarterback Patrick Witt for a couple of days, but the new job keeps getting the way. After my summer of unemployment, I just keep telling myself that not posting due to work is a great problem to have.

Anyway, as I think I’ve mentioned before on this blog, Witt and his family lived three houses down from me while they were in Wylie. Patrick couldn’t have been a nicer kid and his family was just as great. While it’s true that his parents did move him from Atlanta to Dallas to get him into a better high school program, they aren’t your typical “get rich off your athlete kid” type of parents. Both are successful airline pilots who have raised two fantastic sons. Patrick’s older brother was the starting quarterback at Harvard before having his career cut short due to a shoulder injury.

It’s refreshing to read a story about a student-athlete who is just as interested in his intellectual pursuits as he is trying to win the starting job. In a day when most stories involving student-athletes involve arrests, suspensions or poor conduct, it’s guys like Witt and Myron Rolle who remind us that a few bad apples can’t spoil the whole bunch.

Greatest. Ad. Ever.

August 10, 2009

The greatest commercial of all-time from one of the greatest companies of all-time.

Bill Simmons At The National Sports Collectors Convention

August 5, 2009

My favorite writer on the face of the earth, Bill Simmons, takes you on a fantastic photo journey through his recent trip to the National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland. I don’t know if it’s possible to be a red-blooded American sports fan without having at least a little bit of a love for memorabilia (sports cards, autographs, game-used equipment, etc.). I know my dad, brother and I were into baseball and football cards big time in the late ’80s and early ’90s. I still have a love for vintage items┬áthat have to do with any of the Dallas sports teams (especially the Cowboys).

The best commentary from the photo essay is featured below:


Me holding the 1980 Topps box (and possibly two Bird/Magic rookies). A box that I didn’t buy. As far as you know.

By the way, here’s a great idea for a bachelor party, a guy’s weekend or whatever. Let’s say you have 12 guys in all and chip in $100 each to purchase this 1980 Topps box. You go out to a big dinner and get drunk. Instead of getting dessert, you open the box, pull out all the packs and mix them up in a pile. Everyone gets three. You open them up one at a time, going in a circle, three packs per person, three turns around the circle in all. First of all, would this be the most exciting 20 minutes of your year? I say yes. Second of all, if this was a televised show, would you watch it? Actually, yes. I think I would.

If I had a job right now, I’d go out and make this happen this weekend.

Why So Socialist?

August 4, 2009


“It’s Not About Taking Off My Goddamn Shoes” – Trey Garrison

June 24, 2009

Those of us who live in Dallas are blessed to have one of the few truly great Libertarian voices out there based right here in our community. His name is Trey Garrison and he’s on a personal mission to restore individualism and personal liberty to this country. My challenge to you is to read Trey’s latest piece on airport security and to embrace the feelings that it stirs inside you. You’re going to feel your blood boil and your heart race. You’re going to want to head to your local airport and give the first TSA officer you see the finger.

And then you’ll probably sense some guilt about these feelings since it’s been drubbed into your head to respect authority. To bow down to authority. To worship authority.

But you need to fight back that guilt and realize what you’re feeling is the most inherent and natural human emotion that exists. It’s the longing to be free. It’s your soul’s desire to say, “Fuck you, you nanny-state loving hippie. I can take care of myself.” Embrace these feelings. Learn to love them. Talk about them with your family. Teach them to your kids.

Then ask yourself these questions. Aren’t you sick of being pushed around? Of being treated like a child? Or are you one of the new succubus-breed Americans who will kindly trade a slice of liberty for a taste of security, no matter how imaginary that security might be?

I know which side I stand on. And if you plan on making me budge, you better bring a big stick, buddy. Though I’m not too worried since action would require you to actually do something for yourself.