About Us

The start of a new era…
The era where three lame guys from the beautiful metropolis of Dallas, TX invade the interwebs with all sorts of shenanigans, rants, whining, name-calling, back-stabbing and various other forms of tom-foolery. Sit back and enjoy watching us make fun of each other and the rest of the social outcasts that are unlucky enough to wander into our crosshairs. Carpe mis weebles…

Meet the team:

Though I grew up in Garland, I was born in Irving. And my dad’s biggest bragging point about me is that you could see Texas Stadium from the window in the room where I was born. So, as you can see, I never had a chance. I love the Dallas Cowboys more than most of my family members and I’m here to keep haters on the straight and narrow.

I grew up as an Army brat and lived in many different cities, states and countries as a child. Perhaps that’s why I had to develop thick skin and an outgoing, sometimes brash, personality. I have received my fair share of butt-kickings because of my quick wit and knack for making fun of bigger guys. But, I have never learned my lesson and now share my snarky, mindless stream of consciousness with you. How fortunate you all are… seriously… you are…

So, I’m probably the Metrosexual wuss out of the bunch. I’ve never been in a fight and it’s a well known fact that if Steve, Josh and I ever get in a fight with other people, I will take the girl or kid under 13. I grew up in Georgetown and moved to Dallas a few years ago. Now I’m a Cowboys, Mavs and Rangers fan. And if we’ve ever met, I’ve probably made fun of you behind your back. That’s just how I roll…


5 Responses to About Us

  1. Courtney Warren says:

    Yall are funny. Either that, or extremely GAY.
    I can’t decide which.

  2. Josh says:

    I vote for the latter…

  3. Deez Nuts says:

    Jerrod is pretty cool, and handsome

  4. Steve says:

    Once upon a time, this blog had three authors. It’s pretty much just me these days.

  5. lisa taylor says:

    Hello David:

    Hoping you can help spread the word about this upcoming Chuck Morgan event and join us if you can!

    VideoFest 22


    Legend Of The Dot Race

    Chuck Morgan

    Friday, Nov. 6 7:00PM

    Angelika Film Center, 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane

    Tickets available at the door ($6) for just this program, $25 for the entire evening of screenings. Call 214-428-8700 or visit videofest.org for more information.

    Chuck Morgan is the Auteur of Stadium Entertainment. Anyone who has been to a Texas Rangers game knows that the music, video and everything about the presentation is great night after night and perhaps has more consistency than any other baseball team. VideoFest is happy to pay tribute to a man who brings the art of video to the people every night. Presented by Ben and Skin.

    A message from Chuck about what he will be showing that night follows at the bottom of this message.

    Here is what I have come up with…………

    1987 Dot Race
    1987 Ruben Sierra video player intro
    1984 HR Cartoon………used when we first installed the DiamondVision in December of 1983
    1985 George Wright video player intro
    1986 Wedding proposal

    I have what I call the “Movie Piece”………various baseball movie clips that kind of tie together and end with a welcome to the ballpark…first used in 1994, updated through 2000 season……runs about 4 minutes

    A video I did that I call “Bury The Yanks”………..we played it 1996 and we have done anything against the Yankees since

    One of the best things I ever came up with…..a video that welcome Jerry Seinfeld to the ballpark……..he was at a Mets game, I have duped the fans, our security and even some morning drive DJ’s in thinking that Seinfeld came to a game.

    One of the best things, the “Fake Wedding Proposal”….one of George Michael’s top 10 ballpark moments in 2000……….girl throws Coke on a guy when he proposes…it was 2 of our interns…..when I went to KC in 2002, did it again and the fans loved it.l

    A video feature called Faces In the Crowd…….fan shots with captions

    And finally an Elvis Andrus video that I did this year….mixed in with Elvis Presley movie trailer graphics…………..

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