Friday Fun: Awkward Boners

May 29, 2009

Very rarely does Friday Fun not involve a video featuring fail-tastic goodness. However, I thought this site was just too priceless not to share. Awkward Boners: Because it happens to the best of us. Aint’ that the truth.


Even Further Proof That Soccer Sucks

May 28, 2009

About a year ago, I posted about the absurdity of professional soccer and the toothless Euro/Mexican/Unic brigade came out in force to call me a moron. Hell, these jackasses are still commenting on that post. Well cross-country kick ballers, let me know when you see such manly acts as these take place on a real football field. Tell me how popular faking headbutts is in Afghanistan, Kenya, Somalia and North Korea. I’m waiting for your responses, hillbillies. Try to be a little more articulate this time around.

Friday Fun: Take It Again?

May 22, 2009

More proof that any white dude with dredlocks is a complete jag off.

World’s Largest HDTV In Place At Cowboys Stadium

May 21, 2009

Here’s a sneak peek at how the founders of this little blog will be watching Cowboys’ home games this year.

Let’s rundown some of the technical specs:

  • More than 25,000 square feet of video display
  • 60 yards long, 72 feet tall
  • Weighs more than 600 tons
  • The bottom is a mere 90 feet above the field
  • 25 million lights
  • Total cost = $40 million

Ain’t season tickets grand? Have fun at home this year, suckers!

Why Would We Want To Model Anything In This Country After California?

May 20, 2009

Do you want a front row view of what exactly is going to happen to America if we continue down the current path of deficit spending that the Chosen One is leading us? Then just look to the great state of California. After decades of liberal legislation, hoards of entitlement programs, ridiculous union contracts, anti-business policies and high taxes, California literally is standing on the brink of a total economic collapse. What amuses me the most is that it finally took it getting this bad before the voters stood up and said “no more.” The bill has come for their little hippie Utopian experiment and nobody wants to pay it.

Voters themselves are partly to blame, approving initiatives in years past that have created or expanded programs without identifying how to pay for them.

“One thing we do know is the voters’ wish list is a lot longer than the ‘I’m willing to pay for it’ list. People are going to have to rectify the two,” state Treasurer Bill Lockyer said.

This all comes on the heels of Obama’s announcement that he’s revising the federal requirements for auto mileage and emissions to be more in line with the overly restrictive standards that were implemented in California years ago. Really? Why in God’s name would we want to model any sort of national policy framework after California? Is the epic fail taking place in front of our eyes not reason enough to second guess the judgment of the crazies on the left coast?

“The Treasury Is Bare…The People Are Broke…Thought We’d Be Fighting Less Wars”

May 15, 2009

It still amazes me that this man can continually come out and give such clear, common sense and well-articulated explanations on what our government needs to do in these tough times and yet, he’s the one both sides try to paint as being a wacko. I guess a stance of “stop spending everyone’s money and leave everyone alone” is just too simple and well-intended for today’s “grab power at all costs” political climate.

Michael Irvin Has A Big Heart

May 15, 2009

My love for Michael Irvin continues to grow. All you haters can suck it.