Tees & Ace: He’s Back…

Tiger Woods announced last week that he is ready to begin on the road to the Masters with his first tournament coming this week in the Match Play. Let’s review: he’s had a complete knee reconstruction since winning in dramatic fashion at the US Open and had another baby with his supermodel wife. So even though he hasn’t played competetively in quite some time, Tiger has been plenty busy. 

And let’s face it, the PGA Tour needs Tiger back. The golf purist may sit there in front of his TV cheering for Fred Couples or Kenny Perry. The junior golfer may watch to see what Ian Poulter or Sergio Garcia are wearing. And the novice fan may tune in to see how Hefty Lefty Phil Mickelson will blow another 5 stroke lead. But it’s Tiger that draws the crowd. And the ratings. And the sponsors. Love him or hate him, most everyone has an opinion. Tiger, the Dallas Cowboys, and the NY Yankees have a lot in common that way. He is paid the most. He wins the most. It’s like we are watching history on his every swing. When he’s missing from the field, we’re looking for the “next” Tiger. Or mowing the yard.


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