Rob Dyrdek is Back!

January 30, 2009

Rob & Big is minus the Big Black bodyguard/roommate and has created the ultimate place that is a dream for just about any guy. Check it out. This was my favorite show on TV for a while and now I can’t wait for this to premier!


Friday Fun: Slow Jerk

January 30, 2009

Today is the one year anniversary of Friday Fun, and I’m proud to say that we never missed a chance to bring you week-ending hilarity in that time.

To celebrate, I bring you one of my all-time favorites: the Slow Jerk. Enjoy it with your eyes. Repeat it in your office.

World’s Greatest Detective Meets His Match In Plano

January 29, 2009

How bad are things in Plano when Sherlock Holmes isn’t even safe?

Word on the street is that the Plano Police Department already has an APB out for Professor Moriarty.

The Dime Bag: I’m Not Impressed Edition

January 29, 2009
  • I’m not impressed that the Mavericks beat the Nellie St. Warriors 117-93. They finally beat a team they should have instead of losing by 35 like they did to Milwaukee’s Best earlier this month. It’s time. It’s time Mr. Cuban to blow this thing up. With Jason Kidd’s 20 mil coming off the books this year, the Mavs need to get younger. It’s also overdue to build this thing around someone besides Dirk. While I’ve always thought Dirk is a great player, I’d much rather have the likes of Kobe or Lebron.
  • I’m not impressed that the Charlotte Bobcats are 3 games out of a playoff spot currently. Larry Brown is a great coach but will not be loyal to this team. Even with MJ sitting in the luxury suite, Larry Brown will some how figure out a way to leave after this year AND collect the entire amount of his contract. MJ also needs to stick to making shoes instead of running a franchise. It’s not working.
  • I’m not impressed with Greg Oden. Yet. Maybe not ever be. Despite the last couple of weeks that he’s starting to turn in consistent double-doubles, he’s still averaging 9 points, 7 rebounds and 1 block a game. I do believe he was the right pick for Portland, but this 50 year old kid should be dominating at least on the boards and defensive end of the floor.
  • I’m not impressed that Tracy McGrady come back from yet another injury. I would be impressed if he didn’t get injured in the next 10 games though.
  • I’m not impressed that Eddie House made 8 3’s and scored 28 points against the Kings. This guy shoots the ball as soon as he gets it. Whenever he gets it. Where ever he is on the court. He’s not a shoot first pass second kinda guy. He’s a shoot first, and second, and third. If you can’t shoot it, just kick it out of bounds kinda guy. Much like the early and mid 90’s Georgetown High School basketball teams.

Mom Jeans Jessica

January 27, 2009

As I saw on, Jessica Simpson looks like she put on a few pounds or had an allergic reaction to everything. The biggest travesty are the mom jeans she tried to squeeze into. Can Tony Romo do anything right anymore?

Martellus Idiot…I Mean Bennett…I Mean Idiot

January 26, 2009

Glad to see we are taking losing and the off season so seriously.

The Happy Couple

January 23, 2009

Pay attention to the “ways” in which the Obama’s show their affection.