Defense Is A Four-Letter Word In Dallas

October 31, 2008

The 08-09 Dallas Mavericks got their season started last night with about as much veracity as a limp dick. Despite hanging in for a good three quarters, the Mavs fell apart in the fourth to fall 112-102 to the Houston Rockets. Offensively, the team looked good. Dirk poured in 36, Howard had 28 and Kidd finished with 12 assists. They ran the floor well like Rick Carlisle said they would, though that dropped off quite a bit whenever the incredibly sub-par bench got involved.

What was noticeably absent all game was any sort of defensive presence. This is a Houston team that scored a grand total of 82 points a couple of nights ago against Memphis. MEMPHIS!! However, the Mavs managed to go out and make Yao Ming (30 points, 13 boards) look like Hakeen Olajuwon in his prime, and they let Ron Artest (29 points, 7 boards) run roughshot all over the court for the entire game. Better yet, Tracy McGrady didn’t even play in the fourth quarter and the Rockets still outscored the Mavs by 11 to clinch the victory.

Which brings me to main point: Why is the concept of defense so foreign to all of our local sports teams? The Cowboys suit up a defensive unit stacked with number one draft picks and high-priced free agents, yet they can make the Rams offense, arguably the worst in football, look reminiscent of the Greatest Show on Turf. Through eight games, they’ve managed to intercept two passes. The Stars, who are currently sitting at 4-4-2, have allowed a league worst 40 goals through 10 games. Everytime Marty Turco looks up, three members of the opposing team are bearing down on him as Sean Avery jerks it to a picture of himself. The 2008 version of the Texas Rangers managed to commit more errors and have a lower fielding percentage than every other team in the Major Leagues.

What ever happened to the credo that defense wins championships? Is that just something that coaches tell you during high school basketball practice so that the two kids with talent won’t dominate all of practice with their shooting skills? Or has the glitz-and-glam image of life and sports in Dallas gotten so pervasive that our athletes feel like they don’t need to do any of the “grunt” work?

Whatever the root cause is somebody needs to pull an Oscar Rogers and FIX IT!

You take it one step at a time:

1. Identify the problem. FIX IT!

2. Identify another problem. FIX IT!

3. Repeat as necessary until it’s all FIXED!


Friday Fun: Happy Halloween Edition

October 31, 2008

Scare. Fail.

The Back Up

October 30, 2008

Trey Garrison’s key to a good nights sleep?

What Recession?

October 30, 2008

No matter how bad the economy is in the tank, leave it to Exxon Mobil to throw up a metaphorical middle finger to the rest of the country. I used to bitch about these obscene profits, but now I say get what you can before the thieves come in the night to take it from you. Almost $15 billion probably redistributes nicely.

Should the Cowboys Throw In The Towel Sunday?

October 29, 2008

By now, I’m sure you’re all well-versed in just how injury plagued the Cowboys have been thus far this year. To make things worse, Jason Witten (broken rib) and Anthony Henry (thigh bruise) got hurt against the Bucs last Sunday. Witten has already stated several times this week that he’s going to do everything in his power to play this Sunday against the Giants.

Which brings me to my open question for the week: Should the Cowboys just say “Eff it” and treat this Sunday’s game with the Giants like a preseason game? Meaning, should they concede the fact that it’s going to be a loss and not play anybody of importance?

My answer is YES for several reasons.

1. There is absolutely no way in hell that the Cowboys win this game. Let me repeat that. There is absolutely, 100 percent, guaranteed, sure-fire bet, honest-to-God no freaking way the Cowboys can win this game. None. At all. It’s in New York. Brad Johnson is still our starting quarterback. Have you seen him play the last two games? If you can honestly answer that question, then you know that this adds up to a loss. Period.

2. So, if it’s a gonna be a loss no matter what, then why even bother risking more injuries to significant players. Why have Witten hurry back and risk further injuring his already broken rib when you already know that it won’t affect the outcome? Let the players use this time to get healthy, and let the healthy players use this time to stay that way. The week after the Giants game is a bye. That provides your team with a lot of time to get back on track and ready to beat the living dog shit out of the Redskins on Nov. 16. A big victory against Washington might be just what this thing needs to get back on track again.

3. And most importantly, because it would make the media’s head explode. The grandstanding and lecturing from the talking heads would be heard from coast to coast. “You gotta win to play the game,” “You owe it to the fans to give it your best shot,” “It’s a disgrace to the game,” blah, blah, blah. Rolling out the practice squanders against the Giants would be a giant slap in the face to the media and the rest of the league. It reinforces the message that the Cowboys do what’s best for them and their fans. The rest of you can suck it. And they don’t owe it to the fans to play hard in this one game. They owe it to us to do whatever it takes to ensure that this thing is in a good position at the end of the year. Imagine all the red faces, puffed out chests and disheveled hair on the pundits as they spew their generic hot air at the audacity of the Dallas Cowboys to think they’re above the game. Well I hate to break it to the rest you, but they are. So deal with it.

Now, it’s your turn. Tell me whether you agree or disagree and why. Anything generic and ESPN-like will be mocked relentlessly. You’ve been forewarned.

Impact of High Corporate Taxes

October 29, 2008

It’s been a few days since we’ve had a politically-charged post, so without further ado, let me give you this excellent commentary on the impact of the ridiciulously high corporate tax rate in America. This video comes courtesy of The Agitator who had this to say about it:

“I’m amused when I hear Obama talk about giving tax credits to American companies that create jobs here in the U.S. as opposed to overseas. If he agrees that high taxes are the main reason why U.S. companies are moving jobs overseas, wouldn’t it be a better idea just to lower the corporate income tax all around? We have the second-highest corporate income tax in the world. To say that companies should stay here and pay the penalty out of “patriotism” is just silly. Companies can (and should) make decisions that benefit shareholders, not to benefit the governments of whatever borders they happen to be located between.”

A Special Place in Hell

October 29, 2008

As I’ve often stated in cases of child abuse or child sexual assault, I believe there’s a very special place in hell for the people that commit these atrocious acts. Well, special congratulations go out to Tameika Hampton and Tremaine Mabry. Looks like you two despicable, heartless, disgusting, wastes of flesh will get to test that theory. The only thing worse than what they did is the gutless plea bargains they were allowed to sign that that only got them two years and five years probation respectively.

Let’s see, you took your 3 month old child and beat her so badly she had 40 rib fractures, a bruised chin, brain and eye bleeding, a bruised liver, a fractured back, up to 15 chest contusions and three leg fractures and you get to plea to probation? Are you freaking kidding me? I am so disappointed in the judicial system of this country I don’t know what to do. My only consolation comes from knowing what these ingrates will have to suffer through when someone finally does the world a favor and returns the beatings.