Rodney King Grabs Headlines Again

November 30, 2007

Good to know that this guy is still making positive contributions to society.


Observations From the Cowboys/Green Bay Game

November 30, 2007

So, words cannot express my feelings last night as I watched my pre-game predictions come true. I thought Favre would have a really tough game (I had no idea just how tough, though) and that the Cowboys would easily cover the 7 1/2 point spread that Vegas put on the game. I also thought that the Boys would win by 13 or so points. Which leads me to my first observation of the game…

1.  Seriously T.O.? A ball hits you in the freaking chest in the end zone and you play the tip drill with a defender who is 8 yards away covering someone else. Really? At least Patrick Crayton had a sideways finger and he only dropped the TD pass a few weeks ago. He didn’t give the ball to a defender and cause his QB to get an int on his record for a perfectly thrown pass.

2.  So, 4th and 1 on the Packers 30 yard line in the 3rd quarter of a close-ish (if that’s not a word, I don’t care) game. Sweet, Cowboys are going for it. Wait, Marion Barber is on the sidelines and we think Julius Jones can bash through 4 bodies and pick up a yard? Seriously? We’ve got one of the most aggressive, bruising, powerful runners in the NFL and he’s on the sidelines in a critical 4th and 1 situation? And we wonder why they didn’t pick it up.  Not good Boys, not good.

3.  Though the Cowboys did limit their penalties, the ones they got called for were at the worst possible times. Three important 3rd down plays were called back due to stupid penalties and that’s not counting the two 3rd down passes that hit T.O. in the hands and then fell to the ground. They’ve got the get these sloppy, lazy plays under control before the playoffs.

4. It concerns me that T.O. seems to be getting back to his “drop” issues as the rest of the team is trying to ramp up for the playoffs. However, on the other side of that coin, I was really impressed with Miles Austin as the 3rd receiver last night. He was the receiver who got deep twice and drew two pass interference calls that totaled 85 yards or something like that. He’s fast and a great addition to this already potent receiving core.

5.  Nick Folk did a great job on kickoffs last night. Every single one was inside of the 5 yard line and the Cowboys special teams unit did a great job at covering the kicks. And again, Miles Austin impressed me with his returns. It seems like that guy just gets the ball and becomes hell bent on sprinting through the opposing coverage. Then I look up and he’s returned the ball to the 35 or 40 with ease. Now if we can just teach him how to avoid the kicker on returns, he’ll have a few TDs before the year is over.

6. Romo is un-freaking-believable sometimes. Just the poise and ease with which he is able to deliver perfect strikes down the field. His numbers would have been even more ridiculous last night if Witten didn’t have two drops and T.O. didn’t have three – including the gift in the end zone. I fall more in love with Tony every day. Really.

In conclusion, I don’t want it to seem like I am being negative about this team – they are certainly the class of the NFC. No other team is even close to them – not even close. I just want to see this team firing on all cylinders heading into the playoffs so they can return to the prominence and glory that we’ve all been cheering for since 1995. I, for one, will be screaming like a school girl if they do.

As If You Didn’t Know…

November 29, 2007

The Cowboys have arrived….


A Blunt Look at Reality

November 29, 2007

When I lived in Kansas City for two years, one of my favorite local personalities was Jason Whitlock. He’s a sports columnist for the Kansas City Star, a former radio host and an African-American man who has a very unique outlook on his own culture. Whitlock makes no bones about blaming the “hip-hop” culture of today’s black youth for the continued struggles of blacks in American society. Whitlock recently applied his logic to the Sean Taylor case and, I think, makes some very poignant arguments. I’m glad there’s a prominent African-American in the media who will say what we’re all thinking, because if a white person made these statements, they’d be branded a racist immediately.

Sean Taylor dead at 24

November 27, 2007

According to a story by ESPN, Washington Redskin safety Sean Taylor passed away early this morning. Taylor was shot in the leg by an intruder in his Miami-area home on Monday. The bullet struck Taylor’s femoral artery, causing massive blood loss.

My heart goes out to the Redskin nation, as this is such a tragic and untimely loss. Taylor was a budding superstar who always gave the Cowboys fits. He’s what we wish Roy Williams could be. However, football was only part of his persona. He was also a dad, son, brother, best friend and loyal companion.

I just hope this incident was the result of a freak occurence and not part of the culture we know so many athletes associate themselves with. It’s something we’ve seen a lot of recently. Taylor’s death comes nearly a year after Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams was killed in a drive-by shooting following an argument at a Denver nightclub on Jan. 1. University of Miami defensive lineman Bryan Pata was shot to death in November 2006 several miles from Taylor’s home in an unsolved killing.

This is a problem that athletics at all levels need to address. We’re lossing too many of our best and brightest.

Kyla Ebbert With Her Legs in the Air

November 16, 2007

You can take the girl out of the trailer park…So, is anybody surprised? I mean, really. Anyone? Maybe a better question is, “Does anybody remember who Kyla Ebbert is?” She was the poor Hooters waitress who was asked to adjust her minimal clothing before being allowed to fly on a  Southwest flight this past summer. So some white trash chick is asked to be a little more presentable after accidentally flashing fellow passengers, including kids and she was horribly offended and embarrassed.

But, not so embarrassed that it would keep her from posing for Playboy. That’s right, shocking. Why is this even news? Why am I even wasting a post with this? Because I can. Deal with it. Interestingly enough, that’s the same advice I gave poor, dear Kyla when this incident first occurred. Well, that and try to wear some panties next time. But, I guess that goes for all of us, doesn’t it?

Full story can be found here.

RE: From Pain Will Come Pleasure

November 15, 2007

I couldn’t agree with you more, Steve. It’s funny how all the morons on the ESPN Cowboys message board want to jump all over Parcell’s sack and proclaim him to be the best coach in the history of time. I don’t even consider him to be in the top 5 of Cowboy coaches. Sure, he picked up some nice players along the way, but his style of football became useless about the time Joe Montana was handing over the reigns to Steve Young in San Fran.

And I guess you’re right about the agony of that fateful night in Seattle. It was worth it, especially considering it made Romo even more determined in the off season. So for all you idiotic, paper-pushing, dog-piling homos on the ESPN Cowboys message board, I got two words for ya. And I think you know what they are…