Addendum to Addendums to “Notes from the Softball Field”…

October 30, 2007

1. When you’re the home team and you go into the top of the last inning with a 5 run lead, you should never lose. Never.

2. Losing is bad enough. Losing when you have a big lead in the final inning is worse. Losing because there are a dozen f-ed routine defensive plays is sickening. I swear we can make the most common plays seem incredibly difficult. I’m ordering the Fred McGriff-endorsed Tom Emanski videos for us to watch before next season.

3. I have a knack for getting runners in front of me out. And I apologize to each of you for this.

4. Jerrod’s superstar play at short was awesome. Him running down the third base line giving the #1 sign after the play like Troy Aikman in Super Bowl XXVII was bad ass.


Addendums to “Notes from the Softball Field”…

October 30, 2007

1.  I will no longer think that “tweaking a hammy” is a wussy injury used for skipping practice.  I bet there’s a room in hell where all you do is run on a treadmill and continually “tweak a hammy”.

2.  Is it bad that I still find solice in making an above average play at short stop even though my team lost?

3.  Losing still sucks.  Is this what the Dolphins feel like?

4.  Is it too early to use the excuse…”We’re better than what our record indicates”…

5.  Throws from shortstop that hit you in the shin at first base have to hurt?  Sorry ’bout that Josh…

6.  I just realized that after my above average play at shortstop, I held up my index finger as if to say we were number one…when in reality I was just hoping a waitress would bring me a beer to drown the agony of defeat we were about to subject ourselves to!

Notes From the Softball Field

October 30, 2007

A couple of notes and lessons learned from last night’s softball game are below. Enjoy.

1. It feels good to be back on the field playing again instead of on the bench keeping stats – even if it was on just 1 1/2 good wheels.

2. The next time we are tied in the last inning and the other team’s home run hitter comes to the plate, we are WALKING him. No questions asked. That’s twice we’ve been burned in the late innings to lose the game.

3. Steve made an unbelievable catch in the outfield, Jerrod made a very Jeter-like play at short and I even had some good scoops and plays at first. It was a good first game back for all.

4. Jerrod’s game to injury ratio is getting higher and higher. Right now it’s 8 games and 4 injuries. Nice.

5. I hate losing to old guys. Bad.

6. When somebody falls running the base path for no reason, it’s really fun to yell, “SNIPER!” (Thanks to Tyndall for the idea)

7. We still have yet to hit a home run over the fence. But that doesn’t stop us from trying.

8. I might have to start wearing sliding pants because I’m REALLY tired of the strawberries and slide/dive wounds that take weeks to heal.

Steve, Jerrod… feel free to make updates to this list…

Miracle in Mississippi

October 29, 2007

You have to see this clip from the world of Division III football this past weekend. Trinity University (from San Antonio) used 15 laterals in the final seconds of the SCAC title game to beat Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi. The laterals are impressive, but what amazes me is how the players from Millsaps just stand around and watch the chaos unfold in front of them. Get in there and make a tackle, you retards!

Just to good not to post…

October 26, 2007

This is an actual mailbag dialogue on Bill Simmon’s latest column that I thought was too good just to leave on ESPN

Q: An interesting fact was revealed during the Vikings-Cowboys game: Did you know Tony Romo and Jason Witten room together for road games? This is the kind of information we need to know before fantasy football drafts!
–Brad C., Lynnfield, Mass.

SG: I just love the fact someone like Romo has to have a roommate on the road. Would there be a worse guy to room with than a good-looking, single, famous football quarterback? How many times this season do you think poor Witten has been sitting uncomfortably outside a hotel room that has a sock on the doorknob at 2 a.m.? I see his fantasy production dropping as the season goes along simply from lack of sleep and bad posture.

There should be more cross-facing in basketball

October 18, 2007

I meant to post this right after it happened a few days ago, but unfortunately it slipped my mind. Despite ejecting Chris Webber, Vlade Divac and Bobby Jackson from their roster, the Sacramento Kings are still punk ass bitches.

And though I won’t be able to fully get into basketball until Cowboys season is over, I love to see this kind of fire from the Mavs, even if it is just preseason. Howard will probably miss the season opener after introducing Brad Miller to Mr. Elbow, but it’s worth it if he can set the tone for this team early on. 

White Lightning

October 17, 2007

This kid is 8-years-old and according to some rumors, already has a silent commitment to USC. Screw USC! I’d let this kid suit up for my Iowa State Cyclones this Saturday!

Watch what he does to #32 at the 3:01 mark.