RE: Chris’ two cents

August 31, 2007

Very funny (and true) on both counts.

Sorry I missed most of this afternoon’s shenaniganery. I just got back from watching the Belton Tigers win their first football game in a year and a half. Scored a touchdown with 25 seconds left to win by one point. I love high school football.

And I love Chris – welcome, bro. I’m expecting great things. The good thing is – it’s gotta be better than the crap Jerrod’s been posting the past week. The bar is set unbelievably low…


Eldrick Woods is two shots behind Lefty

August 31, 2007

Just one word for you, Jerrod.  Boo-yah.

RE: RE: FedEx Crap…Errr…Cup update

August 31, 2007

Josh, there’s no way in the world that Hefty Lefty finishes in front of Mr. Elin Woods. Phil’s only 2 strokes ahead of him now. Tiger has closed 4 shots since the 4th hole. I’d even be willing to bet they are even by the end of the day! Ass!

RE: Hold Up PonyFans

August 31, 2007

Steve, you’re such a wuss, and Jerrod – you’re a freaking sell out. I stand by my earlier comments and challenge any Pony-loving Chris Chris (that’s probably more “into” ponies than we know) to dispute my claims about their athletically challenged football program.

They suck worse that Debbie in her Dallas debut, and nothing will ever change that. End of story.

RE: FedEx Crap…Errr…Cup update

August 31, 2007

Hmmm… seems like you need to get used to Phil beating the crap out of Tiger! I’m calling it now. Phil WILL finish ahead of Eldrick in the FedEx Cup. And from here on out, he’s no longer Tiger. He’s Eldrick to me.

FedEx Crap…Errr…Cup update

August 31, 2007

Phil Mickelson is 3 under through 4 holes. His playing partner Tiger Woods is 3 over. No one else matters do they? I’m so glad Josh is in his car and away from his computer or else I’d already be hearing about this one!

Pony this!…

August 31, 2007

Alright Steve. Listen Pony fans (which if “pony” is a horse of a small breed, it’s quite symbolic that the SMU “Ponies” would be the underlings of D1 football, but call yourselves what you will) I’m a transplant “Homer” from the Austin area where college football is king, and a self-admitted “bandwagon jumper”. So if “the Ponies” actually win a few games and miraculously make a bowl appearance, I’ll retract my comments, put on a polo shirt with a sweater vest and abercrombie flip flops, and buy season tickets to next football season. But until then (never), I’d rather watch the WNBA.